Tanisha Akinloye

"I bring the balance between inner and outer beauty with my God given gift to see beyond  society superficial view of beauty.  It's through my faith in Jesus Christ, I am able to change

what it means to be beautiful forever." Tanisha Akinloye


Tanisha Akinloye, founder of Empowering Through Beauty Foundation in Fairfield County, Connecticut is empowering women of all ages.  After overcoming an abusive relationship, Tanisha realized that power and self-worth are not defined by circumstance, material possessions, or the opinions of others.  Led by this knowledge and her strong faith, she set out to create a non-profit organization that combined her skills in the beauty industry as a salon owner, with her education in psychology. As a result, Empowering Through Beauty Foundation was born in 2010.  Empowering Through Beauty Foundation connect with churches, and organizations while creating partnerships with beauty salons, barbershops, and beauty professionals forming pathways for charitable contributions to the local community.  These local organizations have worked with survivors of domestic violence and addiction, offering consultations and make overs to prepare men and women to resume their positions in the workforce, obtain housing, attend educational programs, and better their lives.  


Tanisha has presented at numerous conferences spanning the east coast including two TEDX Conferences.  As a result, what began as an idea to help women, has developed into a powerful movement.  Tanisha’s Empowering Through Beauty Expo & Conference is dedicated to the empowerment of all women.  Her most recent endeavor is Beauty Queens Conference, which teaches pre-teens and teenage girls confidence and self-worth by focusing on leadership and peer mentoring.


Tanisha Akinloye, is changing the face of beauty by evoking humanity, not vanity.  Empowering Through Beauty prides itself in being the source of hope, dignity, and self confidence to all they serve.

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